Sheldon J Plankton

The owner of the Chum Bucket restaurant is Sheldon J plankton and is the main enemy of Mr. Krab. He is a sea plankton and as usual, he is smaller in shape than the other sea urchins and the color of his whole body is deep green. He has one yellow and red colored eye and two tall horns over his head. He has a large extended family with more than 10,000 members. The name of his wife is “Karen” who is a super computer. Using disgusting chums he prepares different items like Chum Burger, Chum fries, Chum shakes , Chum cakes etc. and sells those items in his restaurant. He is such a failure businessman that he doesn’t have enough success like Mr. Krab. He has great intension for money for which is the cause of a lot of fights with his childhood friend, Mr. Krab.

At first, he was the best friend of Mr. Krabs but since the establishment of Krab’s successful restaurant across his Chum Bucket he (Sheldon) has started feeling jealous and has become the foe of Mr. Krab. Using his family members he often tries to steal different secret formulas of cooking from his opponent. Krabby Patty is the main recipe for which he has dropped him out as the hard competition. Actually, this recipe has destroyed their friendship. Other reasons are the cause of his misfortune, besides those reasons, the poor food quality and his rough behavior drag his business backward.

He maintains his restaurant by himself and doesn’t have regular employees. He has creative power too and already has invented a lot of devices like Time Machine, Hypno-Pod, Enlargetron, the Dispictulator and so on. He uses his brain and creations mostly for the negative deeds. He has a great fear for whales because of his previous unexpected bad experiences. Only a few people are seen to enter his restaurant but they don’t go stay there for a long time.

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