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Play fun and exciting games with SpongeBob Square Pants and his friends, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Patric, from Bikini Bottom.

Come Play with SpongeBob!

In the hallucinatory world of Bikini Bottom, you can fry crab patties with SpongeBob himself, help SpongeBob escape the clutches of Mr. Krabs, drive the poor Squidward Tentacles crazy and embark on amazing adventures with Patrick the pink starfish. Find out what happens in a bikini Bottom? Play SpongeBob games, battle with evil bubbles thugs, reach the lost city of Atlantis with SpongeBob and Patrick, Clean up Patrick’s mess on the floor and so much more. So go ahead - let's play with SpongeBob!

SpongeBob is an energetic and optimistic sea sponge who embarks on many travels and experiences below on the ocean bed. SpongeBob lives with pet snail, Gary, in a pineapple under the sea. Gary quite funnily meows like a cat, but all the characters seem to understand him. In SpongeBob’s spare time he spends it with his friends Patrick the starfish, who is not particularly intelligent, and his girlfriend Sandy the squirrel scientist, who wears ab astronaut suit so that she can breathe underwater. Every day, Patrick and SpongeBob disturb the neighbour, the wretched and tormented Squidward.

Although SpongeBob's tends to create terrible trouble and chaos, his intentions are always good and means no harm to anyone.

Come meet the folks of Bikini Bottom and play with everyone here on Spongybob.com!

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